Month: November 2017

Sex in the U.S. Army

The U. S. Army has emerged victorious from a multitude of battles throughout its history, although there is one enemy that is resisting it more than most: the battle for the normal integration of women into its ranks. However, there are also exceptions on this front. Without going any further, this week a Marine has managed to become the first member of this elite corps to surpass the very hard course of infantry officers, a feat that comes at a time of low hours for the public image of the military institution, after months of investigations on account of a sex scandal that has not stopped growing.

What began last March as a shameful case of the spread of female nudity not consented to by hundreds of marines by their colleagues in a secret group on Facebook, with the resulting denigrating comments towards them, has grown this summer beyond social networks, reaching out to other bodies and also to blogs and servi porno websites, where dozens of photographs of men have been published as yet unclarified.

Sweden increases military spending

Sweden will invest 8.1 billion crowns (854 million euros) more in its armed forces over the next three years, against a backdrop of growing tension with Russia in the Baltic Sea, the Swedish government, led by the centre-left minority, said Wednesday. The annual increase of 2.7 billion crowns in military spending follows an agreement between the ruling Social Democratic coalition and the Green Party with the centre-right opposition parties.

“We are seeing an increase in military and intelligence activity in our region,”Defense Minister Peter Hultqvist said at a press conference. “This (extra money)… sends an important message to the world around us and is good for Sweden.

Controversy within the army of Venezuela

The lawlessness and high crime rate that prevails in Venezuela also seems to have infected the barracks, reveals an alarming letter from the military attorney general to the Minister of Defense, which expresses “great concern” about “an excessive increase” in cases of robberies, desertions and abuses of authority such as shown on sir porno gratis. The document, to which the New Herald had access, outlines the need to urgently create a high-level working group to address a problem that threatens to spiral out of control.

I respectfully request you to study the possibility of implementing a working table with the Directors of Military Personnel in order to establish points of view and seek solutions to this problem that is deteriorating our Bolivarian National Armed Force,”said the military attorney general, Brigadier General Edgar José Rojas Borges. The proposal is presented within the framework of “the great concern of this Military Public Prosecutor’s Office about the disproportionate increase of crimes in Our Bolivarian National Armed Force, such as abduction (theft), abandonment of service, abuse of authority and in an alarming way desertion by the enlisted troops,” added Rojas in his letter.