Month: April 2018

Is bondage considered violence?

It is not a very difficult term, it is a sexual practice where you use ties, there are those who consider it an artistic expression. A person ties all or part of his partner with the help of ropes (preferably cotton, to prevent someone from getting hurt), the limits are pain, because bondage does not use pain as a source of pleasure. In bondage one person dominates or the other surrenders, so the person bound will be at the full disposal of his partner, at least at the time when the sexual practice is being performed. It is necessary that there be perfect communication, so that the satisfaction is given in a margin of trust and mutual respect.

Now there has been a lot of talk about bondage, but it is not something new, it is something that has been known since ancient times in Japan, this sexual technique was reserved for the highest and most refined social classes. The immobilized person lets his or her partner take care of the sexual act, since the person tied up does not caress, so the person must concentrate on what the other person does, so there is pleasure for both parties as we see in The subject enjoys the pleasure of surrendering without reservation, the dominant also enjoys putting wit and flavor to the subject.

Why are there still wars in 2018?

Many countries are involved in armed conflicts, and it seems that in the 21st century we should already have found different ways of solving political, economic or bureaucratic problems. Saving lives should be one of the priorities of all governments, yet we can see that budgets for the army and arms purchases continue to rise. We take a look at some of the countries involved in wars. Hopefully in the coming months many of them will end, especially in places where the death of civilians and especially children is most pressing.