The lawlessness and high crime rate that prevails in Venezuela also seems to have infected the barracks, reveals an alarming letter from the military attorney general to the Minister of Defense, which expresses “great concern” about “an excessive increase” in cases of robberies, desertions and abuses of authority such as shown on sir porno gratis. The document, to which the New Herald had access, outlines the need to urgently create a high-level working group to address a problem that threatens to spiral out of control.

I respectfully request you to study the possibility of implementing a working table with the Directors of Military Personnel in order to establish points of view and seek solutions to this problem that is deteriorating our Bolivarian National Armed Force,”said the military attorney general, Brigadier General Edgar José Rojas Borges. The proposal is presented within the framework of “the great concern of this Military Public Prosecutor’s Office about the disproportionate increase of crimes in Our Bolivarian National Armed Force, such as abduction (theft), abandonment of service, abuse of authority and in an alarming way desertion by the enlisted troops,” added Rojas in his letter.

The discipline of the fuerzas venezolanas

In just September 2017, the Military Attorney General’s Office has requested the opening of a military criminal investigation against 450 troop professionals, of which 200 correspond to the command of the Miranda area and the other 250 to the command of zone 43, corresponding to Tazón,”reads the letter. General Rojas Borges believes that there is a lack of commitment of the military to the institution, coupled with a lack of guidance from the natural commanders of those involved in the crimes. All this is happening through the lack of values and moral principles.

The general has requested the implementation of a working group with other authorities in the country to solve the problem. Another report obtained by Diario Las Américas denounces that four members of the troops were detained by the Scientific, Criminal and Criminal Investigations Body (CICPC) for alleged involvement in the theft of a truck carrying food. The military would have killed the driver of the vehicle. The incident occurred on October 5. If there had been more control over these GNBs, which used vehicles, armaments and the honorable uniform for their own benefit,”what had happened could have been avoided, said General Rojas Borges.

A special political moment

On the other hand, Venezuelan opposition veteran leader Antonio Ledezma, who has been under house arrest since 2015 on charges of conspiring against the socialist government, arrived Saturday in Madrid from Colombia, where he had fled across the border on Friday. After making statements at Barajas airport, Ledezma was subsequently received by the Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, at the Moncloa Palace.

With the upcoming 2018 presidential elections looming, several important figures of the Venezuelan opposition are in exile, detained or disqualified from holding office. They say Maduro has turned Venezuela into a dictatorship, while the government accuses them of joining an international plot led by the United States to overthrow him.